Q, 2024, Raw and colored MDF, 80 x 110 cm

Now, painting is a mental thing, we have known it since Leonardo da Vinci. And Ana Romãozinho throws here the dices on the table – the tabula of which the title of the exhibition refers to-, hoping that the painting, which has only two-dimensional color and shape painting, will return to her the mute and silent winning answer. Duchamp, (…), said that Chess allowed him to get to know his opponent intimately. For Ana Romãozinho, this knowledge will always be, first, a knowledge of herself; but also, a knowledge of form, painting, and art. When she knows she must stop, she stops and moves on to the next work, which she will title with the letters of the alphabet, in obedience to a rigor and discipline that never cease to amaze us. But she always adds that this work gives her immense joy. “I have so much fun!” she confesses.
Luísa Soares de Oliveira

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