JF0117, João Francisco,sem título-mille-fleurs(um retrato – Mársias),2018,acrílico sobre papel (colagem de papéis esquissos encontrados, com mapas para bordados feitos a grafite, sobre cartolina),155 x 110cm

The subject that may aggregate the recent paintings presented herein is the landscape. Even though they are admittedly still-lifes, as they consist of real objects, staged and observed, these images look to the exterior, outside. They speak about mountains and deserts, of sea and forests, ruins, gardens. They also look through them to the interior (are not landscapes therein even more dangerous and dark?)

The title of the exhibition and of most of the displayed pieces arise from a theme that should be explained: mille-fleurs or a thousand flowers. It’s a term used to group tapestries produced in the North of France and in Flanders approximately between the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance.

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