Eduarda Rosa, X com tangram 6, 2016, colagem e guache sobre pape, 140×92 cm

Galeria 111 presents the exhibition entitled LQR, with the artists Cristina Lamas (1968), Pedro Quintas (1972) and Eduarda Rosa (1949), respectively L of Lamas, Q of Quintas and R of Rosa. In spite of the different approaches that each artist investigates in their work, on this occasion the works dialogue among themselves on pictorial, graphic and conceptual problems.

By means of affinities and empathy among all, as well as of naturally occurring detainments and dislocations, the pertinent encounters and disagreements between these artists allow to question the paths chosen for the knowledge of the expanded reality that surrounds us, that is, the routes that try to understand and to suggest how a polyphonic noise and visual excess can be an integral and defining part of contemporary societies.

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