1. Samuel Rama, Desejo #1, 2023, desenho sobre papel de algodão, 76×56 cm

The works presented in the exhibition entitled “INSPIRARE” are based on an unconditional admiration for trees, their rhythmic structure, density, and simultaneous ability to impel us to serene, slow but certainly more productive action.
The beautiful Latin expression inspirare both designates the necessary and vital introduction of air into the lungs that characterises the primordial rhythm of breathing, and can also imply the act of feeling, instilling, influencing. This means that in addition to its vital and primordial meaning, inhaling contains an aesthetic potential with important ramifications for the construction of ethics and politics that should be taken care of. Movements such as trust, respect, encouragement, love, enthusiasm, reflection and knowing how to receive depend on inspiration, which is a form of sensitive and intellectual arousal, a state of attention that is important for thinking and acting.
The exhibition features drawings, paintings and sculptures that attempt to investigate the notion of tree, forest, stone, fossil, but fundamentally earth and body.

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