Sem título, 2017 | 2021, guache sobre papel com verniz, 51×70 cm

Only in the middle of the night was the silence heard. He could hear the buzzing of electricity as it passed through the sockets, the lift that went up or down after being called by late arrivals or early leavers.

Suddenly it’s daybreak, the chirping of birds announcing the first rays of light: he could hear an alarm going off repeatedly and heard, coming towards him, the sound of footsteps which came to a stop above him. The alarm stopped sounding. Suddenly, words fly over him, unexpectedly agitated: “Leave me alone, let me sleep, let me sleep, … Bitch  leave me alone, Bitch; Go go away you bitch. Leave me in peace! ” another voice, a female voice replied, strong and with authority, and silence reigned once more.

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