história do trajecto, 2022, grafite, pedra negra, caneta de feltro sobre papel com banda magnética, 21x33cm

driving and netting and killing gathers a group of eleven drawings by Joana Fervença, created between 2020 and 2022. Her work seeks to bring to the drawing practice aspects, processes, and techniques inherent to other media, in particular those of the temporal arts, (as for example, resorting to cinema’s montage or to staging in a play) in order to research representations of movement, narrative, perception and time in the fixed image, contained into a small frame.

Joana Fervença (1988, Lisbon, Portugal) holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Architecture from the Department of Architecture by Universidade Autónoma of Lisbon and attended drawing at Ar.Co in Lisbon. She has been exhibiting individually and collectively since 2016. Her most relevant exhibitions: yes, unless, quérela at O Armário, Lisbon (2020); canto, at Appleton Box Lisboa (2020); watercourse, Galeria 111, Lisbon (2018); Mais importante do que desenhar é afiar o lápis, Porta 33, Madeira (2017); Quando alguém morria perguntavam apenas: tinha paixão?, Sismógrafo, Oporto (2017) and Os Índios da Meia-Praia (do arco, da flecha e do desenho), Galeria 111, Lisbon (2016).

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