Artistas cegos (Carlos Correia), 2015, acrílico sobre tela, 42×31 cm

This exhibition of the work of painter Carlos Correia at Galeria 111 was initially planned for September 2018. With the untimely death of the artist in May of that year, we find ourselves in a rather strange situation: what we have is not a Carlos Correia retrospective, as the areas in which he worked –painting, video, artists’ books, theoretical and literary texts – are not all represented here; it is also not simply a tribute, as the strength of the paintings almost separates them from the identity of the painter (they have a life of their own, so to speak), as well as from his hands and thoughts, which will no longer be presenting arguments or counter-arguments to his works. Nevertheless, the interrupted biography of the artist permits us to become immediately familiar with an art of experiences without end, reminding us of the life of artistic apprenticeship lived by a character in one of his stories (unpublished, and revealingly entitled “Book/Boat/Revolution”, 2015).

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